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Self Pleasure

Make your alone time more pleasurable

You can experience sexual ecstasy alone in the comfort of your room

Self-pleasure is one of the best ways to activate your sexual fantasies and discover more about your desires in the bedroom. How else will you know what you like if you have not explored? It is totally acceptable if you want to pre-game by self-pleasuring yourself. By now, you cannot be surprised that 70% of married women masturbate.

Interestingly, you do not have to worry about pleasing your partner when you are alone. Imagine getting the best sexual experience even by yourself and preparing for intimacy when your partner comes. It is a win-win situation for you. Therefore, learning how to please yourself when you are alone is a great way to explore your sexual fantasies…and Morgasm-HI is there for you.

Getting to the place where only you can describe the feeling in the bedroom starts from simple steps of self-pleasure. Imagine trying to communicate to your partner about what you like when you do not even know. Therefore, self-pleasure allows you to communicate your desires to your partner, enhancing female orgasms. Plus, it will get to a time that doing the same thing over and over in the bedroom becomes boring. So, self-pleasure allows you to discover new ways you never imagined you could be pleased; and Morgasm-HI is a CBD lube that can enhance that pleasure.

Visit WebMD to learn more about self-gratification.

Touch the sky as you explore your sexual fantasies

Don't you want to be hitting those high notes as you and your partner gaze into each other's eyes passionately every time you make love? Everyone should be able to reach top heights in their sexual lives; it changes many things in your life. Confidence level becomes higher, the relationship is deeper, and the communication becomes more appealing.

However, men and women have different bodies, and the journey to enhancing female orgasms and sexual pleasure in men is totally different. It is evident that men achieve more orgasms than women, but no book says you and your partner cannot experience ultimate sexual symphonies together. Morgasm-HI sex lube guarantees both you and your partner taking turns to touch the sky from your bedroom.

Multiple Orgasms?

This question sounds like something that we only see on screen, but the big question that pops up in your mind as you read this, is can you achieve multiple orgasms? The answer is a resounding YES. Morgasm-HI sexual arousal lubricant is guaranteed to show you how to increase female libido and sexual pleasure in men. Imagine different levels of pleasure during a sex session with your partner; you can hit different heights in your sex life - each level is higher than the previous.

Although some males claim to have numerous orgasms, this is almost exclusively a female experience. A man needs an erection to have an orgasm. He cannot have an orgasm between being stimulated and having an erection. However, men can rejoice with a firmer erection than usual with Morgasm-HI arousal cream. Now, you can last longer and enjoy enhancing female orgasms. Our enhancement cream can guarantee more orgasms to your female partner while maintaining a strong erection. On the other hand, women don't require an erection to have an orgasm; thus, their refractory time is shorter between orgasms. Women's bodies are built for many orgasms!

Women can enjoy even more with Morgasm-HI Sexual Arousal Lubricant

Do you know that you can orgasm up to five times as a woman per sex session? Amazingly, many women have not experienced this luxury; hence sexual frustration grips them, and the dread of losing their relationship hits them. But you can salvage things with Morgasm-HI arousal lube, increasing female libido and ensuring intense orgasms while you are with your partner.

There are different ways to access these depths of sexual ecstasies that increase female libido; let us look at some of these methods.


It's common knowledge that women require far more foreplay than men to become sexually aroused; therefore, it's critical to allocate adequate time for this process. Most women require clitoral stimulation before engaging in sex; thus, oral sex and sex toys might be utilized. Of course, you don't have to climax during foreplay to get greater orgasms later in the session.


Self-pleasure is one sure way to discover what you like and how quickly you can get to the sexual heights you have always imagined. Morgasm-HI sexual arousal cream is great for self-pleasure and can increase female libido anytime you need to. As long as you continue to stimulate those sensitive areas in your body, you can have multiple orgasms. So why not choose the best sex enhancement cream to increase libido and ensure both parties are thoroughly satisfied.

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Sex Toys are incredible

Sex toys can be used during self-pleasure along with Morgasm-HI sexual arousal lubricant. Toys can be used when alone, when your partner needs a break, or incorporated into foreplay and used in conjunction with the skills of your partner. Imagine the combination of sex toys, our fast-acting cream, and the presence of your partner; picture an orgasmic rainbow being painted in your bedroom.

Fortunately, there are many different types of sex toys for enhancing female orgasms. They are an exciting addition to the bedroom during intimacy. Many women agree that using a sex toy makes it simpler to achieve an orgasm than by just doing it with a partner. If your device has many settings, you can experiment with the different feelings each setting offers. By incorporating sex toys and Morgasm-HI you are able to double or triple your pleasure in bed.

HEALTH BENEFITS of Self-Pleasure ...

Women who regularly have orgasms may reap a variety of health benefits, according to recent research. You can reduce stress by the regular release of anxiety that comes from achieving an orgasm. Women who regularly have orgasms can lose weight faster as they produce phenethylamine (a substance that has been shown to reduce hunger) and serotonin, a neurotransmitter which has an effect on cravings for high calorie unhealthy food.

Enhancing female orgasms also increases DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) which is known to slow down the aging process by enhancing cognitive function, fat metabolism, the immunological system, the cardiovascular system, as well as promoting healthy skin.

You can trust Morgasm-HI cream to give you multiple orgasms and increase female libido and ensure that your sex life is thoroughly enhanced.

Watch this video to learn why women need a fulfilling sex life.

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Morgasm-HI is not a messy lubricant and it is a water-based enhancement cream with aloe that won't stain your bed or clothes. We offer a 2-ounce plastic tube that's 'simple to hide' with a 'flip' top that's quick to open and seal.


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Female Enhancement Cream

Morgasm-HI intensifies the intimacy you have with your partner; or if you want to go solo, this is the best sexual enhancement cream to show you how to increase female libido.

Morgasm-HI sexual arousal cream contains all-natural ingredients to ensure that you experience fantastic, unequaled results. The feature that distinguishes Morgasm-HI is the ability of each component to perform a specific task in improving the sexual performance in women AND men. Get one of the top-rated sexual enhancement creams that improves stimulation on contact and helps you achieve longer… sexier… more powerful orgasms!

Men also benefit from Morgasm-HI’s dual-action L-Arginine cream and cbd-based formula, as it can help make erections harder and stiffer, as well asmaking orgasms last longer!

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