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Are You New to CBD in the Bedroom??

Morgasm is NOT just a lube…other products being sold are
either a lubricant OR an arousal enhancer. Morgasm is
BOTH…an AROUSAL LUBRICANT…so it lubricates AND
enhances arousal. Years of research went into the
development of our proprietary blend of All-Natural sensual
ingredients which help lubricate… AND stimulate sexual
arousal AND pleasure…and Morgasm is a water-based
formula, NOT oil-based, for easy use and clean-up. It’s your
turn to discover just how enjoyable and HOT love-making
can be.

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What our fans are saying

“I’ll never have sex without it again”
"My husband loved what it did for me"
"Best quickie helper
in a month"
“I’ll never buy any other lube”
FINALLY…a pleasure serum exceeded my expectations

MORGASM-HI ( Hemp-Infused )

Arousal Lubricant

Discover how CBD can create ‘magic in the bedroom’...There are few, if any, sexual arousal creams on the market that solve the problem

the market that solve the problem of how to increase female libido, enhance female orgasms AND cater to the needs of women who are looking to ease sexual discomfort…UNTIL NOW!

If you find sex uncomfortable due to dryness and/or pain, now you can increase enjoyment, sexual arousal and performance...while reducing or eliminating pain, by using Morgasm-HI.

Along with being very slippery, CBD-infused Morgasm-HI is also well known to help increase blood flow, promote ‘down-there’ relaxation, and decrease dryness, inflammation and pain while being intimate. There are studies that show low sex drive in women can benefit from the use of a CBD-infused lube.

Now you’ll find sex WAY MORE satisfying and less painful with the addition of CBD in the bedroom. Morgasm-HI is a water-based latex-safe intimate arousal lubricant. It is infused with 250mg of organic federally-legal hemp-derived Full-Spectrum CBD, along with 14 other all-natural sensual- enhancing ingredients.

And hey, don’t leave the guys out... For people with penises, CBD may help with erectile dysfunction by increasing blood flow, allowing the penis to stay erect for longer.

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Arousal Lubricant

Boost Desire and Enjoy MORE Sensual Satisfaction Same Great Formula as Morgasm-HI WITHOUT the CBD

Morgasm-O combines Potent Pure-Grade L-Arginine along with 12 other additionally sexually stimulating all-natural ingredients...these essential added ingredients, when combined with L-Arginine, SPEED the absorption of L-Arginine, intensifying your “O’s”, resulting in greater sensual pleasure. Morgasm-O quickly increases erotic intimacy as the arousal gel warms, tingles and tantalizes your most intimate arousal zones. Morgasm-O provides powerful sexual enhancement, way beyond just the physical stimulation of touch.

Morgasm-O is scientifically formulated to help increase female libido AND improve performance. Experience the top-rated climax cream that enhances sensual arousal on contact, producing longer...hotter...more explosive big “O’s” – EASILY!

Morgasm-O is the most advanced ‘DUAL-ACTION' male AND female Sexual Arousal Cream Formula available to increase sensual excitement, pleasure and performance. Morgasm-O unleashes erotic desires in women AND men. It’s SO easy to use and works IMMEDIATELY, so you're turned on and romance-ready ANYTIME!

Just think about how much better your sex life and relationship would be if you could dramatically increase pleasure AND desire for both you AND your partner with an all-natural sexual cream. And you have absolutely NOTHING TO RISK, because we offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

PLUS... Save up to 50% and FREE Shipping...AND, order today and receive 2 Free Bonus Videos, emailed directly to your in-box (no pun intended 😊 )...The 10 Best Sex Positions for Female Pleasure!

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