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Why it works

With a combination of L-Arginine and CBD, Morgasm-HI sexual arousal cream is perfect for enhancing female orgasms and improving sexual pleasure

Take your sexual fantasies to the next level with Morgasm-HI Arousal Cream

One of the benefits of using Morgasm-HI CBD lube to increase female libido and sexual pleasure for men is the water-based, natural ingredients used to make it. Our non-staining perfectly slippery formula and ultra-clean sexual enhancing ingredients were developed to improve sex lives in women AND men. Learn how to increase female libido while also learning about a dual-purpose erection cream for men. Using MORGASM-HI® Arousal Sex Lube is as simple as flipping a switch.

Men, are you worried about getting quicker and firmer erections? For men, one of the issues is lasting longer and getting it up quickly. Morgasm-HI arousal lubricant provides a liberating feeling that acts fast to enhance erections and improve your sex life. Not only will you get an improved sex drive, but your relationship will be bolstered with this male enhancement cream. So, what are you waiting for? Get the L-Arginine cream balanced into a CBD lube that is guaranteed to turn your bedroom into a thrilling arena for intense and passionate lovemaking.

Have you ever thought about how much better your relationship would be if you and your partner are having the best sex of your lives? Or have you ever dreamt about how blissful the relationship would be if sexual pleasure and desire were significantly increased for both of you? It can be frustrating if typically, only one party is enjoying lovemaking. Imagine if both you and your partner come out of the bedroom satisfied and looking forward to more intense sexual moments in the future.

Morgasm-HI Sexual Arousal cream naturally improves your sex life, adds tremendously to your performance as a man or a woman, and it offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee! You can both go longer and stronger for a heightened sexual experience for you and your partner.

Our high-performance formula is 100% natural, with ingredients thoroughly researched, tested, and proven to enhance sexual performance for both men and women. With a mildly sweet aroma and taste, you can enjoy sex even more now. Order the best sexual performance cream and live out your sexual dreams today! Morgasm-HI arousal sex lube will increase libido and push your sexual performance to its peak.

Get to know more about what Morgasm-HI can do for you!

We offer a variety of videos that demonstrate the different ways you can ignite and improve your sex life. Whether you want to learn how to increase female libido or get firmer erections, Morgasm-HI will help. Do not wait - order now and improve your sex life and relationship.

Easily DOUBLE or TRIPLE Your Pleasure in Bed!
How L-Arginine Ignites Sexual Desire

Sexual Fulfillment

We understand how much your relationship means to you, and we want the connection you feel with your partner to be continued on into the bedroom. WE all want amazing sexual experiences that positively change the course of our loving relationships forever. To maintain customer satisfaction, we have conducted extensive research and clinical trials on Morgasm-HI arousal sex lube to assure it safety increases female libido and sexual pleasure in men. With years of research and development, we have created an amazing arousal lubricant using legal hemp-sourced Full-Spectrum CBD and all-natural water-based non-staining ingredients, allowing you to enjoy sex more than ever before.

--This video from Alexander Schauss, Ph.D., explains how you can re-discover yourself in the bedroom and enhance your sex life--.

Morgasm-HI offers a dual-action formula to increase female libido and intensify sexual pleasure in men also. Our sexual arousal cream has gone through research and a series of tests and clinical studies that confirms the successful results. Natural ingredients and the addition of legal hemp-derived Full-Spectrum CBD, relaxes you and improves your sex drive. Additionally, L'Arginine in the cream further boosts sexual performance, and it has no side effects, as the ingredients are compatible with your body. Morgasm-HI is the best sexual enhancer you can use.

What is L'Arginine

Scientists have dubbed it "Miracle Molecule" because it allows our systems to synthesize L-Arginine into Nitric Oxide organically. L-Arginine is an amino acid protein. This chemical compound allows blood vessels to relax and open wide to allow for more blood flow.

Discover the answers to commonly asked sexual questions

Do I have a problem because of my decreased sexual desire? How can I maintain a harder erection?Why can't I last longer?

Although it might be a little bit hard to discuss, there is nothing to be embarrassed of when you and your partner choose to use a sex lube or erection cream. Everyone deserves an improved sex life that empowers their relationships with their partners. After applying Morgasm-HI cream, you do not need to wait for things to start heating up. Our arousal cream is a fast-acting cream that increases female libido and improves sexual pleasure in both women and men.

Exploring yourself can be the best method in finding your individual sexual pleasure points and a great help in getting comfortable with your sexuality. Morgasm-HI cream incorporates legal hemp-sourced Full-Spectrum CBD that relaxes your muscles and boosts your sexual performance. It has the potential to transform the sex lives of men and women worldwide.

For Morgasm-HI Arousal Sex Lube, we combine all-natural ingredients to improve the absorption of L'Arginine and CBD, which is essential for achieving full-blown orgasms. It has an almost IMMEDIATE effect, with 76% of women and 83% of men reporting a BETTER orgasm after their first use.

Unparalleled Reliability when using Morgasm-HI Sexual Arousal Lubricant

Clinical studies suggest that using an L-Arginine cream, combined with purified legal hemp-derived Full-Spectrum CBD lube for sexual arousal increases sex drive in men and women and gives them more endurance and more intense orgasms. However, to be effective, a L'Arginine cream must also have other components that, when combined, assure and enhance absorption in both the men and women. MORGASM-HI arousal cream's 'Dual-Action' Formula increases female libido, sexual pleasure and ensures 100% L-Arginine Absorption, giving it the reputation of being one of the top female libido-boosting AND male enhancement arousual creams.

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Now you can enjoy Morgasm-HI arousal lubricant, and begin improving eroticism, enjoyment, and performance in the bedroom. Our unique L-Arginine absorption method provides a higher level of sexual excitement and increases orgasm and climax. As you know, we have introduced CBD, which is a compound found in the Cannabis plant. We properly extract the Full-Spectrum CBD, derived from hemp, and ensure that the process is clinically tested. In addition to being the best natural L-Arginine & CBD lube, our sex lube contains 12 other beneficial sexually stimulating components that have all been extensively studied and selected based on their combined efficacy.


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For Men

The advantages of Morgasm-HI male enhancement cream are huge. The issues of firmer erections and longer sexual pleasure have been answered with this new arousal lube.

In addition to L’Arginine, the CBD in Morgasm-HI sexual arousal cream prolongs orgasms and significantly intensifies sexual arousal. Increasing stamina and desire as well as hardening the penis allows for better sexual enhancement and longer-lasting orgasms. Get the best L-Arginine and CBD lube for men.

For women

How to increase female libido becomes a question that many women AND men ask. It can be frustrating when you cannot match the sexual expectations of your partner. However, forget about the issues and enjoy the ultimate enhancement cream that can bring you sexual ecstasies that are unmatched and better than anything you ever had. As a result of our L-Arginine and CBD blend, nearly 80% of women report it enhances sexual satisfaction and desire. Discover the top-rated L-Arginine cream for women that also contains CBD.


If you see other CBD or hemp-infused sexual arousal lubricants, Morgasm-HI might sound slightly different from what you have previously seen. Our product is water-based with aloe, not oil-based, like most other formulas on the market. And we use all-natural ingredients that are beneficial to the body and help boost blood flow. Using our arousal cream to increase female libido is safe, effective and easy to use without any side effects.

Why is Morgasm-HI Sexual Arousal Lubricant different from other L'Arginine creams?

Additional Natural Ingredients

The combination of 14 all-natural ingredients gives Morgasm-HI sexual arousal lube an edge over others. The proficiency in each ingredient performing specific duties in enhancing the sexual performance of BOTH men and women is the trait that sets it apart. We use a collection of all-Natural plant-based ORGANIC extracts in our sexual arousal cream to assure that you receive amazing, unmatched results. Click Here (link to ingredients page) to see the full list of ingredients.

Body-Safe, Non-irritating sexual arousal cream to increase libido and sexual pleasure for men

The Morgasm-HI original formula has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties. Our enhancement cream is pH-balanced and contains no hormones. It’s also free of parabens, making it unique. When shopping for L-Arginine creams, look for ones that do not contain parabens, potentially hazardous compounds found in many other lubricant formulas on the market. This is why you can count on Morgasm-HI to show you how to increase female libido and sexual performance in men, safely.

We follow Strict FDA Standards in all stages of production

Our Lab is an FDA-certified facility that follows FDA GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). As a result, every FDA safety and quality step is followed in production to assure the greatest level of quality and safety. And we never test our formula on animals.

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