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The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that arousal gels have an osmolality between 380 and 1200 mOsm/kg. The ideal arousal gel should be iso-osmotic, meaning it would have the same hydration levels as vaginal tissue cells. An arousal gel that mimics the body's natural lubrication, like Morgasm, poses less risk of drying out vaginal tissue.

Morgasm has an osmolality of 474 mOsm/kg, one of the lowest of any arousal gel on the market. This ensures that it is safe and comfortable for use.

pH Level

An arousal gel’s pH should also be close to the pH of the body's tissues, which is 3.8-4.5. A pH much lower than recommended makes us vulnerable to infections, such as bacterial vaginosis.

Morgasm has a pH of 3.83, making it the perfect arousal gel for personal use.

CBD Certification

Our CBD is tested for purity and potency to ensure that you are getting the highest quality product. The following document details the certification of our CBD.

Certificate of Analysis

  • Powered by Confident Cannabis
  • Company: Morgasm
  • License Number: 80002-20323
  • Sample ID: 2302DBL0039.0390
  • Strain: N/A
  • Ordered: 02/10/2023
  • Sampled: 02/13/2023
  • Completed: 02/16/2023

Cannabinoid Profile (Analyzed by 300.18 UHPLC/PDA):

Cannabinoid Mass (mg/unit) Mass (mg/g) LOQ (mg/unit)
CBC <LOQ <LOQ 3.301
CBCa <LOQ <LOQ 3.301
CBD 298.209 4.970 3.301
CBDa <LOQ <LOQ 3.301
CBDV <LOQ <LOQ 3.301
CBDVa <LOQ <LOQ 3.301
CBG <LOQ <LOQ 3.301
CBGa <LOQ <LOQ 3.301
CBL <LOQ <LOQ 3.301
CBN <LOQ <LOQ 3.301
Ξ”8-THC <LOQ <LOQ 3.301
Ξ”9-THC <LOQ <LOQ 3.301
THCa <LOQ <LOQ 3.301
THCV <LOQ <LOQ 3.301
THCVa <LOQ <LOQ 3.301


Total Cannabinoids: 298.209 mg/unit


  • 1 Unit: Lube: 250mg Full Spec Water Soluble, 60g
  • Total CBD: 298.209 mg/unit
  • Total THC: Not Detected (ND)
  • Moisture: Not Tested (NT)


  • Glen Marquez (Laboratory Director)
  • Sherri Defreece (Quality Control)

Confidentiality Notice: DB Labs will not discuss any part of this study with personnel other than those authorized by the client. This report is considered highly confidential and the sole property of the client. This Certificate shall not be reproduced except in full, without the written approval of DB Labs. The results described in this report only apply to the samples analyzed. The reported result is based on a sample weight with the applicable moisture content for that sample.

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