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What is Your Refund/Return Policy?

Morgasm is a scientifically formulated proprietary blend of the highest quality sexual enhancers which, combined, have produced dramatic results for satisfied customers around the world. Now you can try MORGASM Risk-Free!

Morecare Enterprises’ goal is to enhance your sex life with all-natural ingredients that work. We’re so sure you’ll feel a difference with your very first use, that we’re offering you a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Many of our customers are completely happy from the first time they use MORGASM, however, other consumers report improved and more dramatic results over 30 days of continued use.

That’s why we’re giving you 30 days from your purchase date to get the best results. So, please allow yourself enough time for MORGASM to work and your body to adjust. Everyone's bodily make-up is different and results will vary. As you continue to use MORGASM, and with each sexual encounter, you’ll learn the amount that pleases the most.

The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, care, or prevent any known disease or medical condition. If skin irritation or discomfort occurs while using this product, discontinue its use. If irritation persists or you suspect that you have a sexual dysfunction, contact your gynecologist or health care provider.

Your complete satisfaction is our goal. If for any reason you are not satisfied, simply contact us within 30 days of your purchase date to request a return. If you have purchased more than 1 tube, you must return the unopened bottle(s) and the unused portion in the opened bottle.

You will receive a prompt refund of the product's purchase price when you send the return package tracking number or when we receive the returned product. You can feel confident that you will be delighted when you purchase Morgasm or you get a full refund for the price of the product (less shipping & handling).

What about Canada?

We ship our popular Original formula to Canada. We do not ship our CBD formula to Canada due to Canadian regulations that prevent the importing of CBD products from the United States.

Where do you ship to?


Packages are shipped with USPS First Class Mail, UPS, or Federal Express for our shipments in the USA (our fulfillment center determines the best carrier to use).

Domestic Shipping within the contiguous U.S. qualifies for either Standard or Expedited Shipping.All orders are shipped from our U.S. Mid-West fulfillment center.

The fulfillment center is closed on the weekends. Orders submitted after 11 am EST on Fridays will be fulfilled the following Monday.​​​​​​​Morecare Enterprises is listed as the sender on all packages and packages will ship in a plain brown cardboard box.​​​​​​​

Orders are fulfilled within 1-2 business days. Exceptions may be during high volume times (holidays, promotional periods). During those times, order fulfillment may take longer.

Domestic Shipping within the contiguous U.S. qualifies for either Standard or Expedited Shipping.​​​​​​​​​Standard Shipping:

The average transit time is 3-8 business days
We can not guarantee shipping times
​​​​​​​​​Expedited Shipping:

The customer pays $7.95 for Priority Shipping.
The average transit time is 2-5 business days
We can not guarantee shipping times for Expedited Shipping
If your order tracking shows delivered but you can not find it, it is your responsibility to follow these steps:

Check with family members, neighbors, co-workers, a building manager, an apartment office, or others who may have accepted your order on your behalf.
The carrier may have placed your order somewhere near your door, out of plain view. Look for your order in places such as the back door or garage. Check your tracking information to see if a location was noted.
In some situations, or during peak delivery times, packages may be marked delivered but may not be delivered to your home for up to 48 hours before they arrive.
If you still do not find the package, please follow these steps outlined by USPS:
USPS is reporting "delivered", you will need to contact USPS directly to file a missing mail search. To save time, we suggest reaching out via email by submitting a service request here. You will need to file one for each missing package.
After you have filed a “missing mail search” with USPS and have their reply, please contact us with their reply information and if they state they are not responsible, we will refund you for the purchase price.
International Shipping


International shipping fees are paid by the customer based on the destination.​​​​​

International packages will be shipped by FedEx and there is no guaranteed delivery time as each country has its own customs procedures.

The cost of international shipping you see during checkout is what it is because Morgasm is using a private carrier to ensure (1) packages can be tracked, (2) quality of shipping processes are better than standard shipping and based upon our experience, to the benefit of the customer.

Shipping Times:There is no average shipping transit time for international shipping, as it varies from country to country. We cannot guarantee shipment times outside of the US and we ask that you allow at least 4 to 6 weeks for final delivery.While you will receive tracking information when your package is shipped from the U.S., this tracking may not update once the package has transitioned to an international carrier until it is delivered. It is up to the destination country to provide tracking updates.

Customs and Tariffs:

The customer is responsible for any Customs fees or tariffs incurred by the destination country. Fees are calculated based on the specific countries’ regulations. The customer may have to retrieve the package at the local holding facility. Depending on the country of destination and varying regulations around CBD, some packages can take several weeks to clear

Customs. If your tracking shows a delay at customs, please contact them directly. We are happy to provide additional product information to customs upon request.We cannot guarantee that all packages will be cleared by Customs and reach their destination. It is the customer's responsibility to know and understand their country's regulations around the import of CBD.

Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, Marshall Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and other US territories:

Standard Shipping: A flat rate of $10 applies to all shipments.Expedited shipping is not available for these destinations and we can not guarantee shipping times.

Delivery time is approximately 4 business days (M-F) but may take longer depending on the delivery area. Packages generally arrive within the guidelines stated above for each shipping method, although some locations may take longer.

Weather conditions may delay the delivery of your order.

Is CBD safe if I'm pregnant or trying to conceive?

There is little research on the use of CBD during pregnancy. To be on the safe side, it is best to avoid the use of CBD when you’re pregnant, trying to conceive or nursing a baby. For further information, please consult your physician. But we recommend using a CBD-free lubricant, like our non-CBD formula, Morgasm Original, which has the same great formula as Morgasm-CBD-Infused Arousal Gel, just without the CBD.

Does CBD interact with medications?

According to various studies, CBD may affect the metabolism of certain classes of drugs, but the effects are minimal. We advise customers to consult their medical professional if they are taking prescribed medications.

Will CBD show up in a drug test?

No. We use the purest form of legal hemp-sourced CBD in accordance with the US Farm Bill. Drug tests look for the presence of the metabolites of THC, not CBD. There is less than 0.31% of THC in Morgasm CBD-Infused Arousal Gel.

Does Morgasm CBD-Infused Arousal Gel Get You High?

NO! The use of Morgasm is safe and won’t get you high. CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a non-intoxicating, medicinal compound produced in the resinous flower clusters of the hemp and cannabis plant. Our legal Full-Spectrum hemp-derived CBD is manufactured using a proprietary state of the art extraction process that produces pure CBD oil, that will NOT get you high or cause you to fail a drug test.

Does Morgasm CBD-Infused Arousal Gel Contain Any THC?

When cannabis is grown for CBD and is derived from legal hemp and is extracted properly, it will contain less than 0.31% of THC. We produce Morgasm CBD-Infused Arousal gel with legal CBD from hemp grown in the USA in accordance with requirements stated in the US Farm Bill. You can always reference the Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for your lot numbered tube to confirm the correct levels and purity of our CBD - and the absence of THC. You will not fail a drug test with the ongoing use of Morgasm.

What is Legal CBD?

For CBD to be considered legal, it must be derived from hemp and contain less than 0.31% of THC. This is according to the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 by the United States government. CBD is federally legal. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, the production, possession and sale of CBD derived from hemp is legal in the United States. The Farm Bill legally specifies how hemp is different from cannabis. Hemp-sourced CBD products are not considered drugs, because the THC content in legal hemp-derived CBD contains less than 0.31% THC…and can therefore be used and distributed legally.

Is Morgasm's Lab FDA Approved?

Yes! We take pride in our products. Morgasm is manufactured in an FDA-Approved Lab in the United States. We have a team of experts in our lab, and every step during the manufacturing process complies with all FDA regulations. We are certified and compliant in Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) at our licensed processing facility.

How can I be sure of the quality?

The development, formulation, and production of Morgasm is done by a team of experts, in a licensed lab, ensuring this product’s highest quality and purity. Every batch of our product has a LOT# coded on the tube. We also utilize an accredited third-party testing Lab that provides a full-panel verified COA (Certificate of Analysis); so, you know what is being delivered in every tube we manufacture. We created the best all-natural sensual arousal formulation to ensure that Morgasm's performance is unmatched.

What is Our Satisfaction Guarantee?

We made Morgasm CBD-Infused Arousal Gel using our patented formula of natural, high quality sexual enhancers. Your complete satisfaction is our goal…if for any reason, you are not satisfied, we offer a FULL no questions asked 30-day money-back guarantee. Simply contact us within 30 days of your purchase date to request a return authorization number and then return the unused portion. You'll get your money back promptly (except for shipping fees).

Why is a water-based moisturizer preferred?

While we can't speak for other products, Morgasm is latex and condom friendly, while oil-based lubricants are NOT safe while using a condom. Sexual wellness experts recommend water-based skincare products that are pH balanced also. Since CBD is not water-soluble. Hence, we had to dissolve and stabilize it into a water-based lubricant. For years, our team tested and tried dozens of formulas until we arrived on the right one that fulfilled our mission…a CBD-Infused water-based body-safe intimate sensual arousal moisturizer for men and women.

Do men use Morgasm CBD-Infused Arousal Gel too?

Absolutely! Morgasm is for all sexes. Our Original and CBD arousal gel contain L-Arginine and other natural ingredients that may even help you with erectile dysfunction. The combination of CBD and L-Arginine in our exclusive CBD-Infused Arousal formula can also help enhance libido in men. Enhancement gels used to be heavily focused solely on women. But today, all genders have become aware that of our natural CBD-infused gel induces sexual arousal for all partners. One of the secrets to better sexual satisfaction is increased blood flow. You need an adequate amount of blood flow going into your private parts. When there is low blood flow, it will always be a struggle to achieve a great orgasm. …men are really no different than women…men need lots of blood flow for harder, firmer erections, and CBD-Infused Arousal Gel can help.

What's in Morgasm-CBD Infused Water Based Arousal Moisturizer?

Morgasm's water-based moisturizer gel is formulated with all-natural, safe ingredients. It also contains 250mg of organic legal CBD, with added all-natural sensual warming and cooling ingredients. The warming and cooling ingredients work together synergistically to heighten sensitivity with the L-arginine, making for an even more intense feeling of arousal…meaning that things that usually feel great feel even more amazing.

Can a CBD lubricant help Increase Orgasms?

A 2019 study shows that Full-Spectrum CBD extracts in lubricants are effective in intensifying longer, more intense orgasms. The study states that 68% of the participants said CBD improves sex. CBD is extremely good at being a major vasodilator, hence, relaxing blood vessel muscles…this permits blood to rush to your genitals to improve nerve sensation and sensual arousal.

Can a CBD-Infused water-based arousal gel help improve sexual performance and relieve pain if you struggle with dryness and painful sex, due to menopause?

Yes! Now you can find sex much more satisfying and less painful with the addition of a water-based CBD arousal gel to the bedroom. Along with being very slippery, CBD-infused moisturizers and lubricants also are well known to relax muscles, helping to reduce pain and inflammation while being intimate. There are studies that show low sex drive can improve with a use of an arousal lubricant with L-arginine, and an organic CBD infusion can further enhance the experience.

Women that find sex uncomfortable due to dryness and/or pain can now increase sexual arousal and performance, while reducing or eliminating pain, by trying Morgasm CBD-Infused arousal gel.

What is Morgasm CBD-Infused Arousal Gel?

Our Morgasm CBD-infused, 10% water-based arousal gel is 100% hypoallergenic and is infused with 250mg of organic Full-Spectrum CBD. There is no oil in the formula. It contains scientifically formulated ultra-high quality, safe ingredients. We ensure every tube of Morgasm CBD arousal gel goes through accredited third-party testing. Our third party laboratory provide a full-panel of Morgasm CBD's ingredients to ensure that you know exactly what is in our product.


The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that arousal gels have an osmolality between 380 and 1200 mOsm/kg. The ideal arousal gel should be iso-osmotic, meaning it would have the same hydration levels as vaginal tissue cells. An arousal gel that mimics the body's natural lubrication, like Morgasm, poses less risk of drying out vaginal tissue.

Morgasm has an osmolality of 474 mOsm/kg, one of the lowest of any arousal gel on the market. This ensures that it is safe and comfortable for use.

pH Level

An arousal gel’s pH should also be close to the pH of the body's tissues, which is 3.8-4.5. A pH much lower than recommended makes us vulnerable to infections, such as bacterial vaginosis.

Morgasm has a pH of 3.83, making it the perfect arousal gel for personal use.

CBD Certification

Our CBD is tested for purity and potency to ensure that you are getting the highest quality product. The following document details the certification of our CBD.

Certificate of Analysis

  • Powered by Confident Cannabis
  • Company: Morgasm
  • License Number: 80002-20323
  • Sample ID: 2302DBL0039.0390
  • Strain: N/A
  • Ordered: 02/10/2023
  • Sampled: 02/13/2023
  • Completed: 02/16/2023

Cannabinoid Profile (Analyzed by 300.18 UHPLC/PDA):

Cannabinoid Mass (mg/unit) Mass (mg/g) LOQ (mg/unit)
CBC <LOQ <LOQ 3.301
CBCa <LOQ <LOQ 3.301
CBD 298.209 4.970 3.301
CBDa <LOQ <LOQ 3.301
CBDV <LOQ <LOQ 3.301
CBDVa <LOQ <LOQ 3.301
CBG <LOQ <LOQ 3.301
CBGa <LOQ <LOQ 3.301
CBL <LOQ <LOQ 3.301
CBN <LOQ <LOQ 3.301
Δ8-THC <LOQ <LOQ 3.301
Δ9-THC <LOQ <LOQ 3.301
THCa <LOQ <LOQ 3.301
THCV <LOQ <LOQ 3.301
THCVa <LOQ <LOQ 3.301


Total Cannabinoids: 298.209 mg/unit


  • 1 Unit: Lube: 250mg Full Spec Water Soluble, 60g
  • Total CBD: 298.209 mg/unit
  • Total THC: Not Detected (ND)
  • Moisture: Not Tested (NT)


  • Glen Marquez (Laboratory Director)
  • Sherri Defreece (Quality Control)

Confidentiality Notice: DB Labs will not discuss any part of this study with personnel other than those authorized by the client. This report is considered highly confidential and the sole property of the client. This Certificate shall not be reproduced except in full, without the written approval of DB Labs. The results described in this report only apply to the samples analyzed. The reported result is based on a sample weight with the applicable moisture content for that sample.

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