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To CBD or Not to CBD -- That is The Question

Which Morgasm Water Based Arousal Gel Formula is Better, the CBD-Infused or the Non-CBD, Original Formula?

A quickly growing number of men, women, gynecologists and other medical professionals support using CBD-infused moisturizing arousal gels.  

As you will learn the moment you try them both, both of our formulas are fantastic, but for many of our customers, they have reported that the Morgasm CBD-infused formula has made sex even MORE comfortable and enjoyable. 

The benefits Morgasm CBD-Infused lube can have for way better sex include: increase in sensitivity, increased feeling of relaxation, heightened and stronger sensation during orgasms, and decrease in pain that can accompany penetrative sex.

Many women and men feel pain with penetration and CBD can help to relax vaginal and anal muscles to reduce pain and improve pleasure.  CBD can also improve blood flow to the vagina, increasing sensitivity, helping to better prepare your body for arousal and better sex. 

Morgasm CBD-infused lube works for everyone regardless of gender, but here’s a little tip you need to know.  Just like with our original formula, you apply Morgasm topically to the vulva and anus…but with our CBD infused formula,  it should also be applied internally.  Both the inside of the vagina and anus have mucous membranes that CBD will rapidly absorb through.  

Remember, we use full-spectrum CBD derived from organic, US-grown hemp.  It will not make you high or cause you to fail a drug test.  It won't affect your driving or vision (unless you are fooling around, in which case you shouldn't be driving).

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