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All About CBD Arousal Lubricant and Masturbation

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All About CBD Arousal Lubricant and Masturbation

Has masturbation grown boring? Adding the best CBD Arousal Lubricant to your self-pleasure routine is the best way increase and intensify solo sexual experiences. 

Men and women both experience numerous physical and mental health benefits through regular sex. You can achieve orgasms with an intimate partner, through masturbation, or a combination of both. Masturbation refers to any act of sexual self-pleasure, by hand, or with the use of sex toys. A longtime stigma has existed against openly discussing sex and masturbation.

Fortunately, minds are changing things. Medical experts agree that masturbation is a healthy and natural way to improve overall sexual wellness.

Ready to spice up your next solo sex session? CBD lubricant can provide you will a more enjoyable solo sexual experience. In the following guide, the sex and lubrication experts at Morgasm reveal everything that you need to know about CBD arousal lubricant and masturbation.

How Can Regular Masturbation Improve Sex?

Self-pleasure is the simplest way to improve your sex drive, performance, and satisfaction. Exploring your own body allows you to determine the most effective ways to satisfy your sexual needs. Developing this level of self-intimacy also has the potential to improve satisfaction during regular sex.

Regular masturbation can also provide mental and emotional health benefits, including an overall improved mood. Commit time for yourself to enjoy solo sex on a regular basis. By doing so, you are likely to feel, look, and perform better during sex.

Do I Need Lube to Masturbate?

Lube has the potential to increase sexual enjoyment for all forms of self-pleasure, including stimulation by hand and when using sex toys. Do you need lube to masturbate? Technically, maybe not. But it certainly makes self-pleasure
feel even more incredible. Although once a taboo subject, the majority of Americans now openly admit to enjoying regular masturbation. However, not everyone uses the same lube, or any lube at all, during these self-pleasure sessions.

Vaginal and rectal skin is delicate. Never use body oils, lotions, or oil-based sex lubes to masturbate. Using these products on genital regions could result in stinging, burning, rashes, and/or other forms of skin irritation. Only use products are intended to be used as sexual lubricants for masturbation. Choose a
natural, water-based sex lube to protect delicate genital skin.


Why Is CBD-Infused Lubricant Better than Regular Lube?

CBD-infused lubricant provides significantly more benefits than traditional sex lube. Regular lube was developed to eliminate friction during sexual activity. Unfortunately, most lubes have not advanced beyond this purpose since their original development.

CBD-infused lube provides exceptional lubrication, heightens sexual arousal, and increases sexual pleasure. These products also possess anti-inflammatory properties that reduce pain to help improve stamina and performance.


How Does CBD Lube Protect Your Sex Toys?

Sex toys should be cleaned with a specialized cleaning solution and stored appropriately after each use. You also need additional products based on the unique sex toys in your collection. You may also be able to prolong the life of some materials with powders that are developed to remove moisture before storage. 

The majority of people are diligent about correctly cleaning and storing their sex toys. However, many neglect to use safe lubricants during masturbation sessions. Using a poor choice of sex lubricant can cause excessive damage to sex toys and may result in premature product failure. Only use a water-based CBD lube when you are masturbating with sex toys.

Morgasm CBD-Infused Arousal Lubricant features 100% natural ingredients and is safe for both sex toys and condoms.  Shop online today for the best CBD lube anywhere on the market!

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