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By Jeff Fortenbacher | 06 Jul, 22 | Comments

Natural Ways to Enhance Your Sexual Pleasure

Are you ready to take steps to improve or “spice up” your sex life? If so, there are several things you can do in your day-to-day life that will help. 

While adding sexual aids like CBD-infused products to your routine can be beneficial, there are other natural ways to improve things in the bedroom, too. Keep reading to learn what these are. 

Eat Specific Fruits 

While there isn’t a lot of evidence that supports how effective some foods are, there is no harm in seeing if anything works for you. Some foods that are considered libido-boosting include avocados, bananas, and figs. Each of these foods also provides important minerals and vitamins that will help to increase the blood flow in the genitals, which helps to promote a healthier sex life. 

Eat More Chocolate

For centuries, chocolate has been used to symbolize desire. This is not only because of how delicious it is to eat, but how it can help improve both men’s and women’s sexual desire and pleasure. According to studies, eating chocolate helps to release serotonin and phenethylamine in the body. These work to produce mood-lifting and aphrodisiac benefits. While this is true, there was a study conducted in 2006 that shows that the impact chocolate has on a person’s sexuality is likely more psychological than actually biological. 

Take the Right Herbs Each Day

Every time you go out for a romantic dinner or plan to eat with your partner, consider adding garlic or basil to your entrée. The smell that basil produces helps to stimulate the senses while garlic is full of allicin, which helps to increase blood flow. There are some claims that the effects these have can help men with cases of ED or erectile dysfunction. 

Another herb you may want to add to your routine is Ginkgo Biloba. It can be beneficial when it comes to antidepressants caused sexual dysfunction in men. 

Take Steps to Increase Your Self Confidence 

How you feel about your body has an impact on how you feel when you have sex. If you eat an unhealthy diet and don’t exercise, then you may not have a good self-image. These things may be discouraging when it comes to your sex life and having sex. It’s possible to boost your sex drive and self-esteem if you move the focus away from your flaws and to your attributes. You can also try to focus on the pleasure that you experience while having sex. 

Use the Right Products 

There are more than a few products available today that can be used to help improve and enhance your sex life. Now is a good time to do your research and learn more about what is “out there.” In some cases, experimenting with different products will help you find what works best for you. You should also consider CBD-infused sex enhancers, which provide improved sexual experiences and other health benefits to those who use them.