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The Road Map to Her Pleasure: The Hottest Oral Sex Techniques To Please Your Woman

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The Road Map to Her Pleasure: The Hottest Oral Sex Techniques To Please Your Woman

When it comes to oral sex, it’s no secret that every woman wants (and deserves) a partner who can please them like the way they like to be pleased.  To ensure that your lady receives the most pleasure when it comes to oral sex, it’s important to know the right techniques to use.

With this in mind, our team at Morgasm are going to provide a brief roadmap of stunning oral sex techniques to please your woman like never before.  We are going to start off with some general tips, and then get a bit more detailed with specifics.

Start by Applying Morgasm to Your Woman...As You Begin Your Journey to Her Satisfaction

At some point in the early stages of anticipation and excitement, apply a quarter sized amount of Morgasm arousal lubricant to her most intimate areas. Combine it with a little saliva or water if you are looking for more moisturizing effect.  

Morgasm is a water-based lubricant that also stimulates arousal, bringing blood flow and increasing sensation in the most delicious regions of her body.  It is 100% hypoallergenic, contains no silicon, no parabens, and no artificial ingredients. And guess what?  Morgasm is completely a completely edible arousal gel, with a pleasing slightly bittersweet taste and slight vanilla aroma. 

oral sex with arousal lube

Be Attentive to Her Energy and Responses--and Don’t Overthink It

The overreaching advice we have is to pay attention to her reactions. This will help you determine what she likes and what she doesn’t and give you something to build upon in your next sessions. 

Now we begin with some short notes—before we get to the meat on the bone…

  • Start off slow and take your time.

When engaging in oral sex, it’s important to start off slow. Don’t rush through oral sex—take your time and enjoy it. This will help your partner relax and get more aroused. Tease her with light kisses at first and then gradually build up to more passionate kisses and caresses. This will help build up her arousal and make her more likely to reach orgasm.   If she’s into it and is completely consenting (and enthusiastic) you can tie her up or use restrains to restrict her movement, or blindfold her—but make sure that you are completely present and ready to completely engage in the most selfless way possible. 

  • Don’t Forget the Inner Thighs.

Don’t forget to kiss and lick her inner thighs as this can be incredibly pleasurable for a woman. You can also use your fingers to gently stimulate her clitoris and inner thighs as you use your tongue.

  • Use Your Hands and Fingers

As you use your tongue, use your hands and fingers to stimulate her other erogenous zones. This can include her breasts, inner thighs, and buttocks.  If she likes a finger inserted anally, by all means proceed, but make it fun and exciting and be responsive to her reactions.

  • Experiment with Different Positions.

Experiment with different positions and angles. This can help you find the most pleasurable positions for her. 

oral sex on a woman

The Tongue and How to Use It

To really please your woman, you will want to use your tongue to its fullest capacity. Lick and suck her clitoris and vulva, and use a variety of tongue movements and pressures to stimulate her. This includes using long strokes, circles, and twists.  The tongue is one of the most versatile and powerful tools when it comes to oral sex, offering a wide range of possibilities for pleasure. Here are some specific tongue-centric techniques that can be used to pleasure your woman during oral sex, as well as how to do them.

“The Flick”

The flick is a simple but effective technique that can be used to great effect during oral sex. To perform the flick, the tongue is used to rapidly flick up and down over the clitoris, applying pressure and creating a sensation of vibration. You can use the flick at different times during the session, or in some cases, the flick can be so pleasurable that this sensation alone can bring on a very satisfying orgasm.

“The Circle”

The circle is another technique that you can try during oral sex and incorporate into the roadmap that works for her. To perform the circle, the tongue is used to make circles or figure eights around the clitoris. This can be done at varying speeds and pressures, depending on your woman’s preference.  It is an orgasm-inducing technique that also can be part of your session.

“The Tease”

The tease is a technique that is designed to build anticipation and arousal. To perform the tease, the tongue is used to lightly brush over the clitoris, teasing the nerve endings without applying too much pressure.  With Morgasm already applied to the clit and already working its magic, the tease can work miracles for her...this technique can be used to gradually build arousal and can be very pleasurable for many women.

“The Lick”

The lick is another popular technique that can be used during oral sex. To perform the lick, the tongue is used to make long, slow strokes up and down the length of the clitoris.

“The Hum”

The hum is a technique that can add an extra layer of pleasure to oral sex. To perform the hum, the tongue is used to make a humming noise over the clitoris while applying pressure.  Don't exaggerate unless you are looking for a laugh!

“The Suck”

The suck is a technique that can be used to provide a more intense sensation during oral sex. To perform the suck, the tongue is used to lightly suck on the clitoris.  Some woman find this to be less pleasing than other techniques, so be sure to read her reactions carefully and be responsive to what pleases her most.

Use Morgasm CBD Arousal Gel to Get Things Going and Take Your Cues from Her

There is a reason that Morgasm is America's #1 Arousal Lubricant, and making Morgasm Original or CBD Arousal Gel a part of the oral sex experience is a critical step to achieving the most intense orgasm possible for your partner.

This edible and tasty gel should be applied before oral sex and will help to increase her arousal and pleasure, the intensity of her orgasms, and lubricate her in all the right ways.  Like any water-based gel, it does evaporate, so adding some saliva or water or reapplying may be needed for maximum benefit.

Using these techniques and being attentive to her reactions and responses, you can ensure that your woman receives the most pleasure when it comes to oral sex. If you have even read this far, you are clearly motivated--so this is a great step towards giving her the pleasure she deserves. 

Take your time, use your tongue, and don’t forget to use Morgasm CBD Arousal Gel for maximum pleasure. With these tips, you can make sure your woman is pleasured like never before!

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