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Wild Places People Have Been Caught Having Sex

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Wild Places People Have Been Caught Having Sex

In today's world, it seems that people are becoming increasingly creative when it comes to finding places to have sex.  While the urge has always led people to hit it when the urge overcame them, it seems to be happening more and more frequently.

From airplanes to movie theatres, people have been caught getting down to business in some of the most unusual -- and often public-- places.  Countless millions have done the dirty in a variety of spots, far from the comfort of their bedrooms.

Often there are stories (true and made-up) of couples getting it on in places which sex seems impossible or unlikely.  Being the Morgasmic types that we are, we thought we would bring to light a few of the most outrageous places people have been caught having sex: 

1. Sex on an Airplane

You knew it was coming, right? Believe it or not, it is not unheard of for two passengers to join the “Mile High Club” and have sex in a bathroom or other section of an airplane.  It’s a fantasy that countless people have been lucky enough to enjoy in reality.  While it's not recommended, couples in recent years have been caught engaging in sexual activity in the non-privacy of their airplane seat. The excitement, the risk, the adventure, and simple carnal attraction can make any airplane seat an exciting place.  And people get caught! Imagine being a flight attendant…how do you deal with such a crazy situation?

airplane sex

2. Sex at a Funeral

Yes, you read that right! In some cases, people have been caught getting a little more-than frisky during a funeral service.  The emotion of the moment can bring people together and when chemistry takes over, a funeral service has made for a taboo sexual nexus.

3. Sex at a Restaurant

Whether it's a quiet corner of a restaurant or a more daring display of affection in the middle of the dining area, couples have been caught in the act of lovemaking in a restaurant.  Oral sex, hand play, all of it taking place at (or under!) the dinner table. Anyone remember that scene in Flashdance

Here’s something for those who have never worked in a restaurant—when considering sexual exploits in restaurants, please don’t forget about the staff.  Good looking people and food can make for a hot mix.  Restaurant staff regularly make use of bathrooms, kitchens, freezers and cold storage for some steamy sex, out of the site of the patrons.

4. Sex on the Beach

From a romantic stroll in the sand leading to a more intimate, torrid moment in the dunes, the beach is a popular location for couples looking for a little more privacy and the magic that such privacy can bring.  Sand getting in the cracks?  Comes with the territory, but a small price to pay, isn’t it? There are couples who move to or near the beach because of the sexual electricity that can occur around the ocean.  It doesn’t hurt that people are walking around in the sun dressed in bikinis, swimsuits or nothing at all. Nude beaches?  Don’t get us started…

5. In a Movie Theatre

From quickies in the back row to more daring displays of affection in the middle of the theatre, movie theatres have been a popular spot for couples looking to sneak in a little bit of action since the film industry began.  Lights go off?  The action begins!

Keep It Going with Sex in Wild Places – But Careful About Getting Caught

No matter where you choose to get a little frisky, it's important to remember, sadly, that getting caught in the act can have some serious consequences. So, if you're looking for a little privacy, it's best to avoid unusual places with a high risk of trouble from authorities or others.  But as they say, it’s better to ask for forgiveness than request permission!

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