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4 Tips to Make Masturbation More Pleasurable

4 Tips to Make Masturbation More Pleasurable

Self-love is a term that has gained prominence in the last few years. It is easy to lose sight of yourself and what you need if you are constantly working, maintaining a relationship and raising children. If you’re on a mission to find ways to love yourself, things like meditation and affirmations can help. However, if you truly want to practice self-love, then you have to learn how to make your body feel good

The first step in connecting with your body is realizing that masturbation is a form of self-care. Once you start to view this act as a form of self-care, you can enhance the pleasure you feel when masturbating. Are you trying to make masturbation more pleasurable? If so, here are some things you can do. 

1. You Need the Right Tools for the Job at Hand

The world of masturbation accessories is quite extensive. There are many devices and lubes designed to make masturbating more pleasurable. Choosing the right tools to use during your self-love sessions will require some time and research. Before you go out in search of different ointments and devices, you need to make a list of what you like. 

One of the best things you can get if you have sensitive skin is Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant. Not only is this lubricant effective, it is also made for individuals with sensitive skin. This product is 95 percent organic and provides the same long-lasting glide as traditional lubricants. 

2. Create a Space That Makes You Feel Comfortable

A recent study found that over 76 percent of women in the United States masturbate regularly. If you have problems getting out of your own head and enjoying masturbation, then it might be due to your surroundings. Making masturbation more pleasurable will be much easier if you have a romantic environment to spend time in. 

Things like music and candles can put you in the mood. Thinking about a spicy sexual experience you’ve had in the past can help you come up with ideas for your bedroom. Recreating the environment this sexual experience occurred in can provide you with a heightened level of pleasure. 

3. Think About Using Mirrors

If you really want to get the maximum amount of masturbation pleasure, you need to have a positive body image. Exploring your body with the help of mirrors during masturbation can be a huge turn-on. Whether you use a full-length or hand mirror, getting a glimpse of your natural sex appeal while pleasuring certain parts of your body is a good idea. 

4. Wear an Outfit That Makes You Feel Sexy

Getting really turned on before masturbating will be much easier if you wear a sexy outfit. Putting on your favorite lingerie is a great way to make this act of self-love more pleasurable. Acquiring more sexy outfits can help you mix things up in the bedroom. 

From wearing a sexy outfit to investing in high-quality lube, there are many ways to make masturbating more pleasurable.

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4 Ways a Great Sex Life Can Benefit Your Health

4 Ways a Great Sex Life Can Benefit Your Health

Keeping a long-term romantic relationship fresh and prosperous can be difficult. A key component of a great romantic relationship is a healthy sex life. Studies show that the average person has sex around 54 times every year. The longer you are with the same person, the harder it will be to keep your sex life exhilarating. 

Things like performance anxiety and stress have a way of getting in the way of great sex. Not only is sex important to your relationship, but it is also important for your overall health and well-being. A great sex life can benefit your health in a number of ways we will cover below. 

1. A Great Way To Lower Your Blood Pressure 

A recent study conducted by Dr. Joseph Pinzone suggested that there is a link between sex and lower blood pressure. In this study, the doctor monitored people having sex on a regular basis. They found that sexual intercourse lowers systolic blood pressure. This is the top number you see when you have your blood pressure tested. 

Having high blood pressure increases the risk of things like heart failure, eye problems, kidney issues, and strokes. While this study doesn’t suggest that sex is a cure-all for high blood pressure, it does suggest that people who routinely engage in sexual intercourse have lower systolic blood pressure. 

2. Improved Bladder Control For Women

Incontinence is a condition that will affect about 30 percent of women at some point in their lives. You need to realize that sex and masturbation are like a workout for the pelvic floor muscles. If a woman has an orgasm during these activities, the muscles on their pelvic floor will contract. 

The more these muscles expand and contract, the stronger they will inevitably become. By strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, a woman can significantly improve her bladder control. 

3. Sex is Good For the Immune System

People who have sex have higher levels of certain antibodies. These antibodies help to protect the body from viruses and germs. A study conducted by Wilkes University found that people that had sex once or twice a week took far fewer sick days. 

4. Sex Counts As Exercise

While having sex doesn’t compare to exercise like running or using a treadmill, it does get your heart pumping. On average, a person will burn about five calories a minute while having sex. Sex also provides the added benefit of bumping up your heart rate and working out various muscles. If you are looking for a fun and enjoyable way to burn a few extra calories, then having sex with your partner is a great option. 

5. An Effective Way To Improve Sleep

Following an orgasm, a hormone called prolactin is released. This hormone causes you to feel more relaxed and sleepy. This means you will have a much easier time falling asleep if you have sex before bed. 

As you can see, sex provides a number of health benefits.

Olga Tsimaraki
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Tips for Managing Performance Anxiety

Tips for Managing Performance Anxiety

Sexual performance anxiety isn’t unusual. It’s estimated that around 30 million people experience this at some point, which may be low due to individuals being embarrassed to admit it happens. If you experience sexual performance anxiety, you understand how it can impact your enjoyment of intimate activities and may even affect your relationships. 

There are both physical and emotional symptoms of sexual performance anxiety. Some of these include no erection, minimal vaginal lubrication, premature ejaculation, and no interest in sexual activities. When you experience sexual performance anxiety, it can cause issues like self-esteem issues, feeling emotionally disconnected from your partner, sexual trauma, and issues with your body image. 

While this condition can be troubling, you can take steps to help alleviate the stress you experience. Keep reading to find out what these are. 

Being informed and admitting (to yourself) that you have a problem is the first step in overcoming it. 


Intimacy-related anxiety may make it difficult to be “in the moment” during a sexual encounter. Meditating regularly may help you navigate this anxiety. While anxiety can cause physical symptoms, it can also affect you mentally, and using meditation to help with this can improve your sexual experiences significantly. 


It’s difficult to handle issues related to anxiety on your own. This is especially the case for sexual activities that usually include a partner. Take time to discuss your feelings and anxiety with your partner. You may be able to agree to certain behaviors or boundaries that will help alleviate some of the anxiety you are experiencing. 

Consider Help from a Therapist 

Many people never consider going to a therapist because they don’t want to admit to others that they have an issue in this area. While you may be embarrassed, it’s a common condition and something you can learn to overcome. In many cases, a professional will help you with this goal. 

Look to Natural Supplements 

Anxiety can impact your life in many ways. It can make you hesitant to engage in social functions and inhibit your sexual performance. While anxiety and stress are part of life for many people, with natural supplements, like CBD, you can start to overcome some of these feelings. 

In most cases, there’s no “miracle” product that is going to alleviate all cases of anxiety. However, adding natural supplements and the tips mentioned above can help you reduce the sexual performance anxiety you are experiencing. 

Taking Steps to Alleviate Sexual Performance Anxiety 

As you can see, there are several things you can do to alleviate cases of sexual performance anxiety. Make sure that you keep this in mind so you can start enjoying time with your partner. 

Remember, there are no magic remedies; however, you can find ways to manage and deal with this condition. Overcoming sexual performance anxiety will likely take time and work. Chances are, if you discuss this with your partner, they will be willing to help you do this.

Olga Tsimaraki
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The Health and Wellness Benefits of Self-Pleasure

The Health and Wellness Benefits of Self-Pleasure

Even today, in an enlightened society, some people still believe that masturbation is a “taboo” topic. However, self-pleasure isn’t taboo and is good for you. Keep reading to learn about the health and wellness benefits offered by self-pleasure. 

Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor

When you orgasm, there’s a series of muscle contractions in your pelvic floor. This means that every time you masturbate, your pelvic floor is getting a mini workout. 

Your pelvic floor is made up of a diamond-shaped group of muscles. These are responsible for supporting your pelvic organs, which include your bowels, bladder, uterus, and vagina. If your pelvic floor muscles are weak, then all these organs can prolapse, which is when they fall out of place. Weak pelvic floor muscles are also associated with issues like bowel and urinary incontinence, pelvic floor and back pain, constipation, and discomfort during sex. While masturbating won’t fix these issues, it can help prevent them. 

Reduce Pain

Do you have aches and pains from your last workout or a headache? If so, you should try masturbating. Doing this can have pain-relieving benefits because when you orgasm, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine are released in your body, which are the “feel-good hormones.” In fact, vaginal stimulation may increase your pain tolerance by more than 40%. You can make the experience even more enjoyable by adding the right products, such as hemp-infused oil. 

While the hormone and endorphin release won’t heal an injury, it will reduce your sensitivity to the pain. 

Helps Alleviate Period Cramps 

When you get your period each month, you are shedding your endometrial lining. The uterus contracts to help with this process, which is what creates the painful cramps you experience. When you masturbate, the neurotransmitters released can help fight the pain of these cramps. 

Stress Relief 

During the last enjoyable sexual experience you had (with or without your partner), you probably were not thinking about what you had to do later. Sexual pleasure will force you to tune into how your body reacts to pleasure instead of staying stuck in your head, where it is all too easy to be stressed and preoccupied. If your solo session gets you to orgasm, then you will experience even more stress-busting benefits. That’s because (as mentioned above) orgasming results in the release of oxytocin, which reduces cortisol in your body. When cortisol is reduced, so is your stress. 

Increased Happiness 

Masturbating, even if you don’t get an orgasm, makes you happier. That’s because when you masturbate, the part of your brain that oversees pleasure is activated, and parts of the brain responsible for anxiety and fear are deactivated. 

Self-Pleasure Is Self-Care

As you can see from the information here, self-pleasure is good for you in many ways. It provides all the benefits mentioned above – and more. If you don’t engage in this activity often, you should. It’s good for you and something that will be enjoyable if you are alone or with someone else. You can even find all types of products to help enhance your pleasure even more.
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Natural Ways to Enhance Your Sexual Pleasure

Natural Ways to Enhance Your Sexual Pleasure

Are you ready to take steps to improve or “spice up” your sex life? If so, there are several things you can do in your day-to-day life that will help. 

While adding sexual aids like CBD-infused products to your routine can be beneficial, there are other natural ways to improve things in the bedroom, too. Keep reading to learn what these are. 

Eat Specific Fruits 

While there isn’t a lot of evidence that supports how effective some foods are, there is no harm in seeing if anything works for you. Some foods that are considered libido-boosting include avocados, bananas, and figs. Each of these foods also provides important minerals and vitamins that will help to increase the blood flow in the genitals, which helps to promote a healthier sex life. 

Eat More Chocolate

For centuries, chocolate has been used to symbolize desire. This is not only because of how delicious it is to eat, but how it can help improve both men’s and women’s sexual desire and pleasure. According to studies, eating chocolate helps to release serotonin and phenethylamine in the body. These work to produce mood-lifting and aphrodisiac benefits. While this is true, there was a study conducted in 2006 that shows that the impact chocolate has on a person’s sexuality is likely more psychological than actually biological. 

Take the Right Herbs Each Day

Every time you go out for a romantic dinner or plan to eat with your partner, consider adding garlic or basil to your entrée. The smell that basil produces helps to stimulate the senses while garlic is full of allicin, which helps to increase blood flow. There are some claims that the effects these have can help men with cases of ED or erectile dysfunction. 

Another herb you may want to add to your routine is Ginkgo Biloba. It can be beneficial when it comes to antidepressants caused sexual dysfunction in men. 

Take Steps to Increase Your Self Confidence 

How you feel about your body has an impact on how you feel when you have sex. If you eat an unhealthy diet and don’t exercise, then you may not have a good self-image. These things may be discouraging when it comes to your sex life and having sex. It’s possible to boost your sex drive and self-esteem if you move the focus away from your flaws and to your attributes. You can also try to focus on the pleasure that you experience while having sex. 

Use the Right Products 

There are more than a few products available today that can be used to help improve and enhance your sex life. Now is a good time to do your research and learn more about what is “out there.” In some cases, experimenting with different products will help you find what works best for you. You should also consider CBD-infused sex enhancers, which provide improved sexual experiences and other health benefits to those who use them.
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Foods That Boost Your Libido

Foods That Boost Your Libido

A healthy sex drive is linked to feeling physically and emotionally healthy. Just as your libido is affected by sleep and exercise, it should come as no surprise that the food you eat plays a significant role in your sex drive. Not only will eating the right foods keep you physically strong and mentally allergic, but certain foods can boost your libido. Adding libido-boosting foods to your diet can improve sex life, such as improving blood flow and heart health, and improving your stamina. 

Eating a diet rich in lean proteins, vegetables, and foods low in sugar and saturated fats, can help prevent disorders that decrease your libido, like hormonal conditions and metabolic syndrome. When you're ready to get back into the game sexually, eat these foods to boost your libido and overall health. 

Certain Lean Meats

Consuming certain lean meats and other foods high in amino acids helps improve your sex life. Beef, chicken, and pork are high in protein and carnitine, L-arginine, and zinc compounds. The compounds, amino acids, and protein keep blood flow smooth, crucial to both female and male sexual responses. Keep in mind that too much of a good thing is too much, and overeating meats can increase your risk for heart disease. 

Nuts And Seeds

Try snacking on a handful of seeds and nuts instead of reaching for the candy. Almonds and cashews are loaded with zinc and L-arginine that get your blood pumping. Other nuts and seeds that boost your libido and increase your fiber intake are:

* Pumpkin seeds

* Walnuts (also packed with omega-3s)

* Sunflower seeds

* Hazelnuts

* Pecans

* Peanuts

Vegetables Rich In Libido Boosting Nutrients

Vegetables rich in libido-boosting nutrients are essential to any healthy diet. Choose vegetables and roots high in dietary nitrates to expand your blood vessels and improve your blood flow. Dietary nitrates are also beneficial for muscle contraction, which aids in sexual arousal and gratification. Beetroot juice is among the richest in these libido-boosting nitrates and vitamins, but here are other vegetables to add to your diet for increased sexual arousal. 

* Radish

* Spinach

* Lettuce

* Celery

* Arugula 

You Are What You Eat

When it comes to sexual health and overall health, you are what you eat. Consider adding these foods rich in vitamins and nutrients to help you get back on track sexually and feel your best. 

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Why Maintaining a Healthy Sex Life Is Important For Your Relationship

Why Maintaining a Healthy Sex Life Is Important For Your Relationship

Finding a so-called soulmate is something millions of Americans are passionate about. Around 23 million unmarried American citizens are currently in a committed romantic relationship. A lot of work goes into keeping a romantic relationship healthy and thriving. While most people in romantic relationships realize the importance of remembering their partner’s birthday and their anniversary, many forget about the importance of sex. 

Some people think that problems with declining libido and few sexual encounters with their partner are things that naturally wane over time. In reality, you need to work hard to maintain a healthy sex life if you want to keep your relationship strong. Read below to find out why maintaining a healthy sex life is so important for your relationship. 

The Ultimate Expression of Love

Whenever you have sex with your partner, hormones like oxytocin are released in the body. A neurotransmitter called dopamine is also released during sex. The combination of this hormone and neurotransmitter makes you feel closer to your partner. After sex, most people feel happy and trusting of their partner. If you want to maintain these great feelings in your relationship, then you need to realize how important a healthy sex life is. 

Relationships that lack physical affection and sexual chemistry tend to fail. If you feel like a low libido is to blame for your unwillingness to be intimate, it is time to fix this problem. One of the best ways to boost your desire to have sex is by trying Morgasm-HI sexual arousal cream. This cream combines CBD and L-Arginine to form a water-based lubricant that you and your partner are sure to love. 

A Healthy Sex Life Can Boost Your Immune System

Having sex provides both physical and mental benefits. Did you realize that being romantic with your partner can positively affect your immune system? Being sexually active helps to raise the number of antibodies in your system. These antibodies are responsible for fighting germs and a plethora of viruses. So next time your partner seems hesitant about having sex, let them know that it can help to keep them healthy. 

Make Your Connection Outside of the Bedroom Stronger

You can’t base your entire relationship on sex. However, a healthy sex life can help you establish better intimacy with your partner outside of the bedroom. If you and your partner are having sex regularly, then nonsexual acts like walking arm and arm, cuddling and holding hands will come naturally. 

Ideally, you want to seize every opportunity to spend romantic time with your partner. Taking them out on a weekly date night is a great way to wine and dine them. At the end of your date night, you can retire to the bedroom and physically express your love to one another. 

As you can see, maintaining sexual intimacy in your relationship is extremely important. If you are looking for ways to spice things up in the bedroom, it is time to try Morgasm-HI sexual arousal cream. 

Olga Tsimaraki
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Men, Boost Your Libido With These Simple Tips

Men, Boost Your Libido With These Simple Tips

For men who experience a drop in libido or erectile dysfunction (ED), popping a pill may seem like a drastic way to awaken their dormant sex life. Many ED medications advertise a quick and easy fix to low libido, but often this is not the case. Not only is taking ED medication an issue that men should take seriously, some men instead exhaust all other libido-boosting options before turning to pharmaceuticals. 

ED medication may not work for some men due to their existing health conditions, and often these pills cause adverse side effects like indigestion, headaches, and back pain. Fortunately, there are a few ways for men to increase vitality and manage ED without medication. Plus, these libido-boosting strategies also enhance overall health and quality of life. 

Exercise (Outside Of The Bedroom)

Research shows that getting regular exercise is one of the best remedies for ED. Spending just three hours per week running, playing tennis, biking, hiking, and any other physical activity that you enjoy can reduce the risk of ED by over 30% compared to no exercise at all. Getting back in the game physically helps you in the bedroom; it will improve your overall physical and mental wellbeing, which aids in boosting your libido. 

You Are What You Eat

Poor diets that lack nutrients are linked to decreased libido and ED. To lessen the likelihood of ED, go all-in on vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and fish while avoiding processed meat and refined grains. Studies show that chronic deficiencies in vitamin B12 found in salmon, trout, fortified cereals, and yogurt may harm the spinal cord, which potentially leads to a loss in nerve sensation. 

Lack of sensation also contributes to ED as it disrupts the relay of vital messages to the arteries in the penis. Adding a good multivitamin to your diet can help boost your B12 and other nutrients needed for your body to work like a well-oiled machine. 

Increase Your Sensation To Lower Risk Of ED

Over time, men who experience low libido or ED report decreased physical sensation, which ultimately inhibits arousal. In addition to exercising and eating a nutrient-rich diet, adding arousal lubricant to your sexual repertoire can boost your enjoyment of sex. For the best results, use a lubricant with CBD oil explicitly formulated for arousal in men and women. Arousal lubricant can also spice up already active sex life in the event, as it increases sensation and sexual pleasure

The Take-Away

If you are experiencing low libido or ED, it is always advised to speak with your physician to determine your best course of action. However, through exercise, proper diet, and a little help with CBD arousal lubricant, you will be able to take a more natural approach to improve your sex life. 

Olga Tsimaraki
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Three Reasons Your Libido Is Low

Three Reasons Your Libido Is Low

Sex is an integral part of a happy and vibrant adulthood, but for many women, sex isn't all it's cracked up to be. For women, sex is multifaceted, and therefore there may be many reasons you are not as into it as you once may have been. According to women's health specialists, most women who withdraw from an active sex life state two main reasons for their departure: trouble reaching climax and low libido. 

The truth is that forging ahead without understanding your options is detrimental to your sexual health. While a women's sex drive will have natural ups and downs, don't wait too long down in the valley before you take action. If you take a closer look at why your sex drive is faltering, you will indeed find answers that help you get back on track in a healthy way. 

Here are some of the most common reasons women lose interest in sex and what you can do to get back in the game.


Stress is an unavoidable part of life, but too much stress can cause a rapid decline in sex drive. Women typically keep many plates spinning at once, juggling relationships, family, careers, and a seemingly endless amount of things on a 'to-do' list. While this daily stress seems normal, it can wreak havoc on our mental and physical health. 

When our bodies experience extreme stress, it kicks into fight or flight mode, and one of the first things to go is the libido. We can't boot stress out of the picture, but we can mitigate its adverse effects. 

Loss Of Sensitivity Or Painful Intercourse

Whether we like it or not, our bodies experience many changes throughout our lifetime. For women, these changes can mean a loss of sensitivity that inhibits sexual pleasure, ultimately decreasing the desire for sex. Changing testosterone and estrogen levels are often the primary cause of pain or desensitized sexual intercourse. 

In some cases, hormonal treatments can ease the problems of desensitization or pain during sex, but a good lube can be a quick fix. 

A CBD arousal lubricant can ultimately be a girl's best friend at any time of life, especially when sexual intercourse is less than satisfying.

Low Energy

The more exhausted you are, the less likely you'll be in the mood for sex. For women, sexual arousal has more to do with the mental state than it does with physicality. When you feel low in energy, your appetite for sex will suffer. 

If you recognize that a lack of energy is becoming a chronic issue in your life, it's a good idea to consult with your physician to ensure your health is in good standing. Eating a balanced diet and getting plenty of exercise should boost your energy and get you back into the swing of things in no time. 

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How CBD Can Improve Your Intimate Life

How CBD Can Improve Your Intimate Life

Certain factors can affect the quality of your relationship. One of these is your partner having a low sex drive. According to statistics, 59 percent of women reported that a low sex drive had a negative effect on their intimate relationships. Statistics also show that 66 percent of women claimed that a low sexual drive interfered with their relationship communication.

Even though relationships go through highs and lows, a lack of intimacy can cause enormous problems for you and your partner. Fortunately, CBD or cannabidiol is a safe product that may help you to improve your intimate life. Let’s read along to learn how CBD may help to enhance your bedroom pleasure.

Anxiety Relief

Your partner’s anxiety can cause significant issues when you’re trying to be intimate. Anxiety can cause your body to shut down to the point where there is no type of enjoyment from physical intercourse. Having intercourse can seem like a difficult, problematic task for people who suffer from anxiety. 

CBD is known to reduce high levels of anxiety by increasing the brain's sensitivity to serotonin. With a decrease in your partner’s anxiety, it’s much easier for you to engage in healthy intimacy.


Reduce Stress and Improve Libido

People who experience chronic stress will also have problems in the bedroom. Before you get intimate with your partner, your body needs to relax. However, your stress can prevent you from having intercourse. 

The stress hormone produced in the body is known as cortisol. CBD has the great ability to reduce the levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which helps you to have a positive and pleasurable intimate experience. It is also helpful for you to use other techniques to manage your stress. You can exercise daily, practice relaxation techniques, eat well-balanced nutritional foods, and listen to relaxing music to minimize your stress.


Amazing Orgasms

Can you remember the last time you had an intense orgasm with your partner? The application of topical CBD creams may help you to experience amazing orgasms. CBD works by increasing the blood vessel muscles, which helps to increase blood flow to the sexual organs. CBD also increases nerve sensations.

Use the Best Techniques to Add the Spark to Your Intimate Life

You can feel inadequate or unfulfilled if you’re having less intercourse with your partner. CBD products are some of the best sources that you can use to retain a healthy relationship with your partner. 

Explore our website to learn more about our all-natural CBD products that are formulated for both men and women.

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