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The Morgasm Blog

By Jeff Fortenbacher | 11 Mar, 23 | Comments

The Impact of Painful Sex on Intimacy--and How Morgasm Water-Based Lube Can Help

Intimacy between couples is an important part of any healthy relationship and unfortunately, many couples experience painful sex.  Painful sex can have a significan...Read More

By Jeff Fortenbacher | 04 Mar, 23 | Comments

5 Benefits of Water Based Lube

Millions of Americans use lubricants as a part of their regular sexual activity, whether alone or with a partner.  There are so many lubricants on the market that i...Read More

By Jeff Fortenbacher | 21 Feb, 23 | Comments

All About CBD Arousal Lubricant and Masturbation

All About CBD Arousal Lubricant and Masturbation

Has masturbation grown boring? Adding the best CBD Arousal Lubricant to your self-pleasure routine is ...Read More

By Jeff Fortenbacher | 09 Feb, 23 | Comments

3 Reasons Why Morgasm CBD-Infused is the Best CBD Water-Based Lube

Have you considered trying CBD-infused arousal lube? CBD-infused products have grown increasingly popular since legalization in the United States. In fact, the CBD ...Read More

By J C | 08 Nov, 22 | Comments

4 Tips to Make Masturbation More Pleasurable

Self-love is a term that has gained prominence in the last few years. It is easy to lose sight of yourself and what you need if you ...Read More

By Jeff Fortenbacher | 10 Oct, 22 | Comments

4 Ways a Great Sex Life Can Benefit Your Health

Keeping a long-term romantic relationship fresh and prosperous can be difficult. A key component of a great romantic relationship is...Read More

By Jeff Fortenbacher | 07 Sep, 22 | Comments

Tips for Managing Performance Anxiety

Sexual performance anxiety isn’t unusual. It’s estimated that around Read More

By Jeff Fortenbacher | 08 Aug, 22 | Comments

The Health and Wellness Benefits of Self-Pleasure

Even today, in an enlightened society, some people still believe that masturbation is a “taboo” topic. However, self-pleasure isn’t ...Read More

By Jeff Fortenbacher | 06 Jul, 22 | Comments

Natural Ways to Enhance Your Sexual Pleasure

Are you ready to take steps to improve or “spice up” your sex life? If so, there are several things you can do in your day-to-day li...Read More

By Jeff Fortenbacher | 06 Jun, 22 | Comments

Foods That Boost Your Libido

A healthy sex drive is linked to feeling physically and emotionally healthy. Just as your libido is affected by sleep and exercise, ...Read More

By Jeff Fortenbacher | 11 May, 22 | Comments

Why Maintaining a Healthy Sex Life Is Important For Your Relationship

Finding a so-called soulmate is something millions of Americans are passionate about. Around Read More

By Olga Tsimaraki | 05 Apr, 22 | Comments

Men, Boost Your Libido With These Simple Tips

For men who experience a drop in libido or Read More

By Rafailia Papazoglou | 21 Mar, 22 | Comments

Three Reasons Your Libido Is Low

Sex is an integral part of a happy and vibrant adulthood, but for many women, sex isn't all it's cracked up to be. For women, sex is...Read More

By J C | 03 Mar, 22 | Comments

How CBD Can Improve Your Intimate Life

Certain factors can affect the quality of your relationship. One of these is your partner having a low sex drive. According to stati...Read More