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How To Use

Blow sexual frustration a kiss goodbye by following these steps!

Every level of your sexual height needs to be explored for you to touch the sky from your bedroom!

We understand how anxious you may be when you get Morgasm-HI cream. Not to worry…it is a very simple CBD lube to use. What you need to do is; first, you should take a small amount of the cream and massage the intimate areas gently. Carefully rub those areas before intimacy with a partner for about 5 minutes. You can also use it when you want to be alone. It works both ways.

We have videos that can properly guide you on how to use Morgasm-HI sexual arousal lubricant. Take the time to try these easy techniques and discover how to increase female libido rapidly by using these stimulation methods.

It takes only a minute for the tingling feeling to kick in as you caress those intimate areas. The more you rub the sex lube in, the greater the sexual satisfaction; plus, you can engage in other forms of foreplay while your partner engages those areas, rubbing the cream gently to elevate the sexual feelings you are currently enjoying.

You WILL notice a change as soon as you use the product for the first time. Some customers have reported better and more dramatic effects after using the product for 30 days. Each sexual experience will teach you how much MORGASM-HI Cream is most pleasurable for you.


Both men and women can enjoy the beautiful experience you get from Morgasm-HI cream. You cannot complain about weak erections when you have the solution right here.

It can be annoying when you do not satisfy your partner in the bedroom; with so much love you both share, you want to show how much your partner means to you. We have the solution to change your relationship and add to your confidence with our CBD lube and erection cream.

All you need is a quarter-size of Morgasm-HI Sexual arousal lubricant, apply the erection cream to your penis, and massage it gently before intercourse or when you are alone. Within about 5 minutes, you'll feel an amazing "warming" and "tingling" feeling that will give you stronger, harder erections and longer-lasting energy.

Morgasm-HI male enhancement cream can enhance the intimacy session and make it even sexier. Your partner can be the one to apply the cream and take the steamy session to a whole new level.

Morgasm-HI’s 'Dual-Action' Formula will take both of you to the heights of sexual bliss, and you'll be pleasantly surprised. Our sexual arousal cream has a completely unique combination of all-natural ingredients that help to stimulate the "arousal zones" in both men and women. Both of you have the potential to have more intense and pleasurable sexual experiences.

Get your Morgasm-HI Cream now and enhance your sexual performance today!

Morgasm-HI is a non-irritating, water-based enhancement cream with aloe that won't stain any part of your bed. We offer a 2-ounce plastic tube that's 'simple to hide,' with a 'flip' top that's quick to open and seal.


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