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    Tried it out and wow. It has supercharged my love life

    My husband suggested ordering it and I figured with the GUARANTEE, why not try it. WOW!!! It has super-charged our love life. With this product there's no anxiety - I know I'm going to get there every time, so now I just let go and REALLY allow myself to get into the intensity of the experience.

    Lindo B.

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    Fun less than once a month to several times a week

    Thanks for a fantastic product. I want from getting intimate with my wife less than once a month to now having fun with her at least a couple times a week. She has more orgasms and they're stronger than ever before!

    Sean W.

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    Phenomenal - it lasted so long. Wow is all I can say

    I was at a party and a girlfriend mentioned that her husband had 'introduced' her to your cream, and that it was phenomenal because it lasted so long. I've never been a big believer of these on-line products, but since my friend endorsed it, I decided to give it a try. WOW is all I can say! The multiple sensations are amazing. Best I've ever had, and my husband would agree.

    Carly S.

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    Most passionate night in a long time. Awesome product

    The first time my wife and I used your cream, she was a little skeptical. But, as I massaged her with it she became very excited - she quickly began feeling the stimulation of the cream. Wanting to have a fantastic night, I asked her if she also wanted me to use a toy on her. Surprisingly to me, in the heat of her building passion, she said 'No - rub me with moooore.' As her excitement grew more intense, she literally pulled me on top of her and we had the MOST passionate night in a long time. Awesome product.

    Brad J.

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    The more I use it, the more incredible my love life has been

    I know why you say 'Experience MORE' in your advertising..... The more times I use, the MORE incredible it's been. Last night, it turned into a marathon love session with my husband - I was actually 'moaning' loudly to him. 'MORE - MORE'. I ended up grabbing the tube from him and applied more to myself as he was trying to keep up. The intensity of the pleasure gets REALLY amplified. I'm hooked - ordering MORE!!!!

    Jennifer N.

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    Best night of love I've had with him in ages - maybe ever.

    Incredible! My husband got some cream and we tried it out last night. I had the best night of love I've had with him in ages - maybe ever. That stuff has a cooling effect and then if gets warms - what a great sensation. We've tried other creams before but they were not very strong. This stuff lasts a long time - I loved it!

    Brittney K.

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