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Ecstasy for Women

Female Enhancement Cream

As a woman-owned company, Morgasm Original and CBD Arousal Lubricant was created with women in mind. Morgasm has always known it's primary goal-- creating a slippy, safe natural lube which reduces pain and discomfort while intensifying of the orgasms you may have in intimacy with your partner; or going solo. Morgasm has multi-action properties not present in any other lubricants--this is the best sexual enhancement gel available which increases female libido and makes sex more pleasurable.

Morgasm Original and CBD Lubricants contain all-natural ingredients to ensure that you experience fantastic, unequaled results. The feature that distinguishes Morgasm Original and CBD Lubricants is the ability of each component to perform a specific task in improving the sexual performance in women and men. The top-rated sexual enhancement lubricant that improves stimulation on contact and helps you achieve longer… sexier… more powerful orgasms!

Using Morgasm as Part of Self-Pleasure

Self-pleasure is one sure way to discover what you like and how quickly you can get to the sexual heights you have always imagined. Morgasm Original and CBD-infused lubricant are great for self-pleasure and can increase female libido anytime you need to. As long as you continue to stimulate those sensitive areas in your body, you can have multiple orgasms. So why not choose the best sex enhancement cream to increase libido and ensure both parties are thoroughly satisfied?

Foreplay Enhanced with Morgasm Arousal Lubricant

It’s common knowledge that women require far more foreplay than men to become sexually aroused; therefore, it’s critical to allocate adequate time for this process. Most women require clitoral stimulation before engaging in sex; thus, oral sex and sex toys might be utilized. Of course, you don’t have to climax during foreplay to get greater orgasms later in the session. This is another benefit of an arousal lube created by a female-owned enterprise like Morgasm versus some mega-pharma corporation with a bunch of men sitting around a board table...(no disrespect to men sitting around a board table).

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Sex Toys are incredible with Morgasm Lubricant

Sex toys can be used during self-pleasure along with Morgasm Original or CBD-infused sexual arousal lubricant. Toys can be used when alone, when your partner needs a break, or incorporated into foreplay and used in conjunction with the skills of your partner. Imagine the combination of sex toys, our fast-acting cream, and the presence of your partner; picture an orgasmic rainbow being painted in your bedroom.

Fortunately, there are many different types of sex toys for enhancing female orgasms. They are an exciting addition to the bedroom during intimacy. Many women agree that using a sex toy makes it simpler to achieve an orgasm than by just doing it with a partner. If your device has many settings, you can experiment with the different feelings each setting offers. By incorporating sex toys and Morgasm Original and CBD Lubricant, you are able to double or triple your pleasure in bed.

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Morgasm Original and CBD Lubricantis not a messy lubricant and it is a water-based enhancement cream with aloe that won’t stain your bed or clothes. We offer a 2-ounce plastic tube that’s ‘simple to hide’ with a ‘flip’ top that’s quick to open and seal.