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How to Use Morgasm
Moisturizing Arousal Gel

Instructions for Women

Start out slowly by massaging about a dime size amount of Morgasm moisturizing arousal gel to intimate areas while self-pleasuring or prior to engaging in intimacy. Continue to caress gently; combine with saliva or water if desired. These stimulation techniques are an essential part of achieving maximum orgasm pleasure, so take the time to practice these simple techniques and learn how to increase female libido quickly.

After about a minute you will notice a GREAT tingling feeling. Further caressing will produce even greater pulsating sensations as Morgasm moisturizing arousal gel is absorbed and begins to further stimulate sexual arousal and desire. This produces feelings of sensual warmth and a sexually-charged tingling sensation that, combined, unleashes an intense climax. Follow these ‘best practices’ just prior to intimacy for maximum sexual pleasure and you’ll experience more rapid and intense orgasms. You’ll also discover that the more times you use Morgasm, the greater the sexual pleasures become as you’re able to ‘let yourself go’ with these newfound stimulating sensual sensations. You WILL feel a difference with your very first application. However, some clients report improved and more dramatic results over a 30-day period of continued use. As you continue to use Morgasm, and with each sexual encounter, you’ll learn the amount that pleases the most. Remember—Morgasm is 100% hypoallergenic, uses all natural ingredients, and is water-based. It is toy and latex safe.

Instructions for Men

Men also experience thrilling sexual sensations with Morgasm arousal lubricant!

Begin by massaging about a quarter size amount to the shaft of your penis while self-pleasuring or prior to intimacy. You’ll experience exhilarating “warming” and “tingling” sensations within approximately two minutes (or sooner) giving you stronger firmer erections and longer-lasting energy. Give your partner an opportunity to get involved in the application process to really enhance the overall intimate experience.

For men who have issues related to not achieving the level of erections and hardness you want, Morgasm is the perfect product for you. Not only will it help in the bedroom with your partner, you will find its effects help you achieve longer-lasting erections during times of self-pleasure as well. Visit our Male Enhancement section to learn more about how Morgasm helps as a libido booster for men and can help to ease erectile dysfunction as well. You will really want to try this arousal lubricant, men! And if you don’t receive desired results? A 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Instructions for Partners

You’ll both be amazed at how Morgasm’s ‘Dual-Action’ Formula brings both of you to the peak of sexual ecstasy. It enhances a woman’s pleasure and a man’s performance. The unique formulation of natural ingredients help promote greater stimulation to male and female “arousal zones”. Both of you can experience greater sexual intensity and pleasure.

Why does it Work?

Why Does Morgasm Moisturizing Arousal Gel Work to Increase Arousal and Produce More Intense Orgasms?

The primary answer is that Morgasm moisturizing arousal gel is the result of years of research and development in an American laboratory to develop the safest, cleanest, and most natural water-based arousal gel to have these desirable effects on the human body.

Morgasm is an easy-to-use, all-natural topical L-Arginine based formula that increases the production of nitric oxide, which makes intimate areas more sensitive and responsive to sexual stimulation and produces a much higher level of sexual desire and sexual pleasure.

After extensive research and examining clinical studies, we formulated one of the best “Dual-Action” L-Arginine-based moisturizers combined with the correct balance of all natural ingredients to ensure proper absorption.

One of the main natural ingredients is L-Arginine…

What is L’Arginine?

Scientists have dubbed it “Miracle Molecule” because it allows our systems to synthesize L-Arginine into Nitric Oxide organically. L-Arginine is an amino acid protein. This chemical compound allows blood vessels to relax and open wide to allow for more blood flow.

The Other Natural Ingredients Improve the Absorption of the L’Arginine for an almost immediate effect.

Clinical studies suggest that using an L-Arginine arousal gel, combined with purified legal Full-Spectrum CBD increases sex drive in men and women and gives them more endurance and more intense orgasms.

However, to be effective, a L’Arginine moisturizing arousal gel must also have other components that, when combined, assure and enhance absorption in both the men and women. What are some of our naturally refined ingredients?

Unlike Many Dangerous Enhancement Products, Our Moisturizing Arousal Gel Formula Is 100% NATURAL & SAFE TO USE. We only use 100% Natural Ingredients. The cream is Paraben-Free, AntiMicrobial, AntiBacterial, Animal Product Free and PH Balanced. Plus, it’s made right here in the USA.

MORGASM water-based moisturizing arousal gel’s ‘Dual-Action’ Formula increases female libido, sexual pleasure and ensures 100% L-Arginine Absorption, giving it the reputation of being one of the top female libido-boosting AND male enhancement arousal lubricants available. View some of our verified client testimonials for more real-world clients who have written their stories about Morgasm water-based moisturizing arousal gel.

We also offer a 100% guaranteed satisfaction or your money-back, an offer few if any of our competitors make to their customers.