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Time to Celebrate Masturbation May (yep, that's a thing!) with Morgasm Arousal Lube

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Time to Celebrate Masturbation May (yep, that's a thing!) with Morgasm Arousal Lube


It’s no surprise that going-solo (masturbation) is a highly beneficial form of self-care and can provide both physical and mental health benefits that go beyond the solo-pleasure session itself.

From relieving stress to improving your immune system, there are so many great benefits to getting some quality alone time every now and then, and going full hands-on for as long as it lasts!

Here, in honor of this very special month and America’s #1 Arousal Lube created to intensify sexual pleasure from its first use, we explore some of the top benefits of masturbation benefits.  Yes, we know there are countless benefits!

1. Masturbation Feels Awesome and Relieves Stress

Let's start with the obvious: Masturbation feels amazing and helps relieve stress. We all know how difficult it can be to let go of our worries for even a few minutes--but when you give yourself the gift of solo pleasure, all of your anxiety melts away. The outside world becomes just a passing concept.

The natural rush of endorphins created from an orgasm works as an instant relaxation technique.  Morgasm was created to take your orgasm to new heights. For some, masturbation helps gain clarity and perspective on any challenges they may have been facing.  For others, it’s the best prelude possible to a delicious nap.

2. Masturbation Can Help Decrease Menstrual Cramps

As it turns out, orgasms are not only great for destressing—for many women, they also provide relief from common PMS symptoms such as headaches and tenderness in the lower abdomen area due to increased blood flow throughout your body right after orgasm.  Morgasm Original and CBD Arousal Gel work to increase blood flow and decrease inflammation in the pelvic and lower abdominal area, so the combination of a great masturbation session which adds Morgasm to the mix can make magic for a body with uncomfortable PMS symptoms.  It’s a must try.

3. It’s Exercise and a Calorie Burner—Really, We Aren’t Kidding!

Most physical activity will burn calories and help your metabolism, and masturbation helps to burn calories as well.

It’s also important to note that masturbation has zero calories! So go ahead and get busy with those hips -- whatever calories might have been expended while engaging in such a pleasurable activity will not add up on the scale (unlike all those cookies!)

And if creative calorie tracking apps or digital fitness devices make you uncomfortable at times, don't worry! This is one instance where being fully unfettered by technology is completely okay (and perhaps even necessary).

4. Solo Play is Safe Sex and Can Be Done with a Partner

Masturbation offers a convenient way to practice safer sex - no matter whether alone or with a partner.  We know why it’s safe if you are flying solo, but for those who want to spice up an encounter, having your partner engaging in some self-love while interacting with you can be a huge turn-on.

Masturbation can even help boost your feeling of confidence about the night ahead and could potentially lead to more pleasurable experiences overall as the night progresses.

celebrate masturbation may with morgasm

5. Know Thy Body, Know Thyself

And speaking of pleasure...masturbation encourages exploration of your own body—because ultimately, as corny as it sounds –a better understanding leads us into a better knowing ourselves.

If you know your special areas of heightened sensations and have discovered exactly what feels good, and how (and where) you want to be touched, you are off to the pleasure races either alone or with your partner. If you have a loving and supportive partner, one of their goals is to ensure that you are satisfied, and knowing where and how to touch you is the key that can unlock boundless pleasure for you. 

Try Morgasm for More Intense Sexual Fulfillment, Alone or with Your Partner

If you have tried Morgasm Arousal Lube, you already know that Morgasm intensifies your sexual fulfillment.  About Morgasm:

  • 100% water-based lubricant
  • 100% hypoallergenic
  • 100% edible
  • Isn’t just a lube—Morgasm increases intensity of orgasms for men and women
  • Reduces inflammation, discomfort, pain during sex
  • Anal friendly, sex toy friendly, condom friendly, latex friendly
  • No silicone, no parabens, no animal testing, no artificial ingredients, made 100% in the USA

But for those who haven’t yet tried Morgasm, Masturbation May is the perfect time to try it.

So go ahead and get those hands moving, play with toys or whatever really gets you off, and don’t forget to include Morgasm, your newest special friend which is going to stimulate you like never before! Remember, Morgasm is NOT just a lube, it is also an arousal gel…so get ready to feel a new level of intensity and stimulation with this amazing product.  Happy Masturbation May, everyone! Stay naughty!

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