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Three Reasons Your Libido Is Low

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Three Reasons Your Libido Is Low

Sex is an integral part of a happy and vibrant adulthood, but for many women, sex isn't all it's cracked up to be. For women, sex is multifaceted, and therefore there may be many reasons you are not as into it as you once may have been. According to women's health specialists, most women who withdraw from an active sex life state two main reasons for their departure: trouble reaching climax and low libido. 

The truth is that forging ahead without understanding your options is detrimental to your sexual health. While a women's sex drive will have natural ups and downs, don't wait too long down in the valley before you take action. If you take a closer look at why your sex drive is faltering, you will indeed find answers that help you get back on track in a healthy way. 

Here are some of the most common reasons women lose interest in sex and what you can do to get back in the game.


Stress is an unavoidable part of life, but too much stress can cause a rapid decline in sex drive. Women typically keep many plates spinning at once, juggling relationships, family, careers, and a seemingly endless amount of things on a 'to-do' list. While this daily stress seems normal, it can wreak havoc on our mental and physical health. 

When our bodies experience extreme stress, it kicks into fight or flight mode, and one of the first things to go is the libido. We can't boot stress out of the picture, but we can mitigate its adverse effects. 

Loss Of Sensitivity Or Painful Intercourse

Whether we like it or not, our bodies experience many changes throughout our lifetime. For women, these changes can mean a loss of sensitivity that inhibits sexual pleasure, ultimately decreasing the desire for sex. Changing testosterone and estrogen levels are often the primary cause of pain or desensitized sexual intercourse. 

In some cases, hormonal treatments can ease the problems of desensitization or pain during sex, but a good lube can be a quick fix. 

A CBD arousal lubricant can ultimately be a girl's best friend at any time of life, especially when sexual intercourse is less than satisfying.

Low Energy

The more exhausted you are, the less likely you'll be in the mood for sex. For women, sexual arousal has more to do with the mental state than it does with physicality. When you feel low in energy, your appetite for sex will suffer. 

If you recognize that a lack of energy is becoming a chronic issue in your life, it's a good idea to consult with your physician to ensure your health is in good standing. Eating a balanced diet and getting plenty of exercise should boost your energy and get you back into the swing of things in no time. 

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