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Tips for Managing Performance Anxiety

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Managing Performance Anxiety

Sexual performance anxiety isn’t unusual. It’s estimated that around 30 million people experience this at some point, which may be low due to individuals being embarrassed to admit it happens. If you experience sexual performance anxiety, you understand how it can impact your enjoyment of intimate activities and may even affect your relationships. 

There are both physical and emotional symptoms of sexual performance anxiety. Some of these include no erection, minimal vaginal lubrication, premature ejaculation, and no interest in sexual activities. When you experience sexual performance anxiety, it can cause issues like self-esteem issues, feeling emotionally disconnected from your partner, sexual trauma, and issues with your body image. 

While this condition can be troubling, you can take steps to help alleviate the stress you experience. Keep reading to find out what these are. 

Being informed and admitting (to yourself) that you have a problem is the first step in overcoming it. 


Intimacy-related anxiety may make it difficult to be “in the moment” during a sexual encounter. Meditating regularly may help you navigate this anxiety. While anxiety can cause physical symptoms, it can also affect you mentally, and using meditation to help with this can improve your sexual experiences significantly. 


It’s difficult to handle issues related to anxiety on your own. This is especially the case for sexual activities that usually include a partner. Take time to discuss your feelings and anxiety with your partner. You may be able to agree to certain behaviors or boundaries that will help alleviate some of the anxiety you are experiencing. 

Consider Help from a Therapist 

Many people never consider going to a therapist because they don’t want to admit to others that they have an issue in this area. While you may be embarrassed, it’s a common condition and something you can learn to overcome. In many cases, a professional will help you with this goal. 

Look to Natural Supplements 

Anxiety can impact your life in many ways. It can make you hesitant to engage in social functions and inhibit your sexual performance. While anxiety and stress are part of life for many people, with natural supplements, like CBD, you can start to overcome some of these feelings. 

In most cases, there’s no “miracle” product that is going to alleviate all cases of anxiety. However, adding natural supplements and the tips mentioned above can help you reduce the sexual performance anxiety you are experiencing. 

Taking Steps to Alleviate Sexual Performance Anxiety 

As you can see, there are several things you can do to alleviate cases of sexual performance anxiety. Make sure that you keep this in mind so you can start enjoying time with your partner. 

Remember, there are no magic remedies; however, you can find ways to manage and deal with this condition. Overcoming sexual performance anxiety will likely take time and work. Chances are, if you discuss this with your partner, they will be willing to help you do this.

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